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Some predictions for 2018 in bookkeeping

We live in a time when everything happens very fast, even when it comes to bookkeepers Melbourne. Technology is largely responsible for this and has transformed the way people relate to the point of reaching the professional environment. After all, as innovations emerge, it becomes inevitable for men to adapt to them in order to gain benefits and improve the quality of their relationship with the area in which they operate.

As with any other professional activity, bookkeeping is also influenced by these changes. Therefore, nothing more pertinent than pointing out some of the major bookkeeping trends for the coming years. Get to know some of them in today’s article!

1 – Technology and bookkeeping

The bureaucracy seems to be on its way. Management, administrative and financial actions have been increasingly transformed due to the arrival of new technologies. As possibilities arise, it becomes more and more practical and intuitive to work with documents, files and other larger amounts of data, even when it comes to a bookkeeper.

2 – Information technology

A safe bet for the coming years is in information technology. This is due to the fact that the amount of data required and the numerous changes that occur in legislation require the bookkeeping professional to organize to follow the processes without loss of quality in their work. Therefore, working with a tool that can provide the necessary assistance for tasks such as bookkeeping closures and fiscal control, for example, will certainly bring greater efficiency to the professional in the area.

3 – Integrated business management systems

Increasingly, the flow of information between different departments has been pointed out as a necessity to improve the performance of companies in general. This means that with the advancement of technology, software architecture tends to gain more and more space. An important example of something that should be increasingly …

How to Do Bookkeeping for Construction


Small business homeowners World Health Organization keep correct money records square measure higher equipped to form intelligent choices. Bookkeeping Construction contractors particularly should keep track of a lot of quantity shoppers owe them and the way much cash they owe to suppliers and for different expenses.

Regular transaction

Produce a series of journals to record the regular transactions of the corporate. Construction corporations need separate journals for accounts collectable, assets, job prices, and materials. Use paper bookkeeping journals from associate workplace provide store or produce the journals in a very word-processing program. Produce columns to enter the date of every dealings, an outline of the dealings and also the quantity concerned.

Ensure to enter your company bills

Enter your company’s bills into the “accounts payable” journal. This includes things like rent, utilities and fuel; repairs and maintenance for vehicles, instrumentality and different property; insurance; Worker’s Compensation; and loans and credit accounts. For every entry, embrace the date, to whom the payment was created, the quantity and also the methodology of payment. If it had been created by check, embrace the check range. Check here.

Take record of all payment

Record all payments from customers within the “accounts receivable” journal. Record the financial gain with the date, the name of the client, the quantity of the payment and any balance still outstanding.

What about VAT issues?

VAT should be paid in the amount of work done during the particular month. Invoices between owner/constructor and subcontractor should be standard invoices given by tax administration approval, and they should be issued every month. All invoices from other suppliers should be obtained at the moment of supply, e.g., when the cement, iron, bricks, etc. are sent. Other bookkeeping data such as purchase and sale registers should be presented together with the stock inventory and materials already being used in the work process. The …

Top Five Things to Look For When Hiring a Bookkeeper

There ismuch reason you need to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant. Maybe you were doing your books, and you need someone else to take up the task now you no longer have time. Alternatively, you former bookkeeper did quit or overloaded.  Whatever the reason, you need the right financial information and business intelligence to make accurate, timely decisions.

You need to hire the right to help you maintain your accounts are taking away much stress off your daily routine. Hiring bad bookkeepers to make financial records impossible to decipher, and the business would be in a big mess.

How can you make sure you find the best bookkeeper for your business? Below is afive-point guide to help you identify the candidates you ought to hire.

So what’s the first thing you should look for?

  1. Essential Skills And Competencies

The bookkeeper, at aminimum, will needcertain skills and knowledge to carry out essentialtasks of bookkeeping.  Basicbookkeepingtaskincludes:

  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Processing payroll, account and accountreceivable
  • Posting and updatingjournal

The bookkeeper you will hire strong needproblem-solving skills. One who is organised and methodical and understand the interplay f cause and effect in the business accounts. Goodcommunication skills are also needed, a bookkeeper who can price easy-to-absorb reports.

  1. Industry-Specific Bookkeeping Experience

Did you know bookkeeping roles and practises are different between industries? If you hire a bookkeeperwhoseexperience is with fashion may not have knowledge and expertise to offer an equally good jobfor, say another different industry.

Check the relevance of a candidate’s experience as is more important that the duration of theexperience.

  1. Check Professional Certification

In some states, bookkeepers are not legally required to obtain a licence. In most cases, they participant in voluntary certification programs to earn experience. When the candidate is certified by the relevant certification body, it means the bookkeeper knowledge and skillsare updates.

Bookkeepers Melbournecarries the validcertification …

What Is a Full Cycle Bookkeeper?

The general process of recording and entering all the business transactions  in their relevant books of accounts and making all the changes in the books of accounts that may be affected by each transaction up to the final stages of accounting by a bookkeeper is known as full cycle bookkeeping. This function is similar to accounting with the only functional different being that a bookkeeper records all the daily transactions while an accountant only works on the final financial statements and relies on the work of a bookkeeper as he uses the records entered by a bookkeeper.

Qualifications of a full cycle bookkeeper

The most and general trait that every bookkeeper should portray is integrity and uphold all the accounting standards as may be stipulated by the accounting association of the state or country in question. That is why one should be a holder of a professional certificate for him to qualify as a fully fledged accountant. Knowledge in accounting programs such as QuickBooks and sage is also very important for the job. A qualified accountant can as well work as a full cycle bookkeeper.

Functions of a full cycle bookkeeper

  • Record the daily transactions of the business.
  • Hand the payroll and prepare reports to the management.
  • Post the already recorded transactions to the general ledger on monthly basis.
  • Prepare an error free trial balance and close the accounts.
  • Present the final statements to the chief accountant.

Notably, the functions of a full cycle bookkeeper are almost similar to those of an account apart from the daily transactions. A full cycle bookkeeper has more responsibilities as compared to an ordinary bookkeeper whose work is more clerical.

What are the duty limitations of a full cycle bookkeeper?

A full cycle bookkeeper cannot:

  • Prepare adjusting entries (recording expenses that have occurred but aren’t yet recorded in the bookkeeping process).
  • Prepare final company
Bookkeeping for Dummies – the Basic Duties of a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers help us understand if our business is doing well or it could do much better. Aside from giving us an insight about our gains and losses, they tell as if we are squandering certain resources. Based on the information provided by bookkeepers, we make decisions on how to proceed further. It is pretty simple to hire or outsource a bookkeeper, but you should be careful. A wrong choice of a bookkeeper Melbourne can generate many problems, incur fines or even lead to tax evasion. Here are some of bookkeeper’s duties some of which are not very well-known;

Financial Records

This is one of the most important functions of a bookkeeper Melbourne. Recording each and every financial transaction, and keeping financial records updated is essential. The accounts have to be balanced every month. As the transactions usually occur on a daily basis, they have to be properly and painstakingly recorded in the books, in accordance with classification of business transactions.

Financial Statements

Duties of a bookkeeper are not done with recording financial transactions. Creating detailed, complete and accurate financial statements by providing a summation of the financial operations is another demanding task we expect from our bookkeeper on every accounting period. These financial statements usually include balance sheet, income statement and cash flow. These documents should be kept up to date and issues monthly, quarterly or annually.

Regulation Changes

Bookkeepers have to follow current tax regulation and the changes related thereto, so the financial statements they create can comply with it. Otherwise, the company could face certain tax liabilities. Aside from tax regulations, there are rules to be followed regarding classification of financial transactions as this will affect the accuracy of the financial statements.see more from

Bookkeeping Software

In addition, bookkeepers Melbourne have to be familiar with bookkeeping software which makes their job much easier as it automates the …

Signs of an Excellent Bookkeeping Service
Excellent Bookkeeping Service

Because there’s so many different types of bookkeeping service and online bookkeepers in Melbourne, that finding the best one can be difficult. This is why it is so important to make sure that you know, which of these services are the best, and trustworthy for your business. Here’s some of the best signs of an excellent bookkeeping service that you can trust with your business.

Making a real commitment towards your business

It is easy to see if the bookkeeping service or the online bookkeeper is only interesting in making money or if they are really committed towards your business. If they are really committed to your business, they will ask many questions about your business and they will make sure that they know each and every aspect of your business.

They can’t be a great bookkeeping service, if they don’t know what is going on in your business. You can find out if a bookkeeper is committed, by just reading some of the reviews of other businesses.

The bookkeeper comes to you, and don’t call so that you goes to them

We hear so many times of an online bookkeeper that calls their clients to come to their offices if there’s any problem with the bookkeeping. This isn’t what a great bookkeeping company would do.

One of the best signs that a bookkeeper is great, and deliver excellent service, is if they are coming to you rather calling and asking you to come to their offices. You’re still paying them for their time and service, so they can come to you if they have any enquiries or problems.

Have regular meetings with their clients

Another great way to see if the bookkeeping service that you have hired is actually a great service, is if they are asking for regular meetings with you, to discuss the bookkeeping.

So many bookkeepers …

Remote Bookkeeping Solutions Provide Savings and Convenience
Remote Bookkeeping

When you’re hiring an online bookkeeper in Melbourne, you will have the chance of saving money and will have the convenience of not struggling with keeping the books of your business up to date. Not many business owners really do realize that by making use of a remote bookkeeping solution will provide savings and convenience. Here is how an online bookkeeper can provide savings and convenience.

Your business will save money

So many people don’t understand the fact that if you’re making use of a company like that your business will save money. Money that you can spend on more important things as just keeping the books updated.

You will save money in different ways. The first way that you can save money, is by hiring employees that have experience and qualifications to maintain the business’s books. Normally, the best possible bookkeeper with the best experience and qualifications are asking a high salary. And, so many companies can’t afford these experienced bookkeepers. By using an online bookkeeper, you will not need to spend any money in paying a salary to an experienced bookkeeper.

Another way that your business will save money is, the fact that the business doesn’t have the best and latest software and computers for doing the bookkeeping on. The software that most businesses are using these days costs lots of money. Money that you could have used for something more important. You also don’t have to send your employee for training, to be able to use the best software for bookkeeping.

Hiring online bookkeeper for convenience

The other great benefit when you’re hiring an online bookkeeper in Melbourne, is the fact that you’re going to enjoy some convenience that you will not have, otherwise.

We all know that keeping the books of a business updated are something that no business owner can overlook. But, this is …

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business?
Bookkeeping Business

It can be a great opportunity to be able to start your own bookkeeping business like However, there’s some important steps that you need to consider before you can actually start your business in bookkeeping. Here’s some of the steps that you need to consider before you can start your business.

Getting your qualifications and experience

The first step in starting a bookkeeping business, you need to have the right qualifications and experience as a bookkeeper in Melbourne. Without the qualifications and experience, you most definitely can’t start your own business in bookkeeping.

The reason for this is actually easy. No business with letting their bookkeeping in the hands of a business with absolutely no experience or qualifications.

Getting the money to start your business

When you have all the necessary experience and qualifications as a bookkeeper, the next step will be getting the money to start the business. Even if starting a bookkeeping business, that doesn’t need much money to start, you still need to have some cash to begin with.

You will need to have the money for the right software, computers, and even pay your lease on the building you’re going to hire. You can start your business from home, but you will still need to pay for your software and office appliances. You will also need to have money to be able to create and manage your website if you’re going to be an online bookkeeper.

Finding customers

Now, that you’re having the office space and all the correct software, you will need to be start looking for customers. You can’t have a bookkeeping business and be a successful online bookkeeper if you don’t have any customers.

You can get your customers by marketing. There’s many different ways that you can market your business. You can advertise in the local newspaper, putting an …

Bookkeeping For Small Business: common mistakes
Bookkeeping For Small Business

Having online bookkeepers in Melbourne is really important to make sure that a business is successful. There’s many businesses that’s making some common mistakes with their bookkeeping, because they don’t make use of the best possible bookkeepers. If you have a business and you’re doing the bookkeeping yourself, you also might make these common bookkeeping mistakes.

Not saving all the receipts

Many businesses don’t save all the receipts for the smaller amounts of money that were spent in the business. They reckon that the amount is too small to keep the receipt. However, do you consider that if you’re throwing away a couple of receipts for small amounts, at the end of the day, that receipts are ending up a huge amount of money. A bookkeeper that has the right experience, will keep every receipt possible.

The results will be that the books won’t balance and you’re going to have a shortage of money that you can’t explain. Every business should save all the receipts, even if the amount that was paid, is a small amount of $75 or less.checkout website here!

Doing the books themselves

So many business owners are making the huge mistake of doing the books of the business themselves. They even might not have any bookkeeping experience. They think that their business can’t afford to pay for an experienced and qualified bookkeeper.

However, if you’re not having enough money for a bookkeeper on your payroll, you might just want to consider hiring an online bookkeeper. Then your business will have the best possible bookkeeper without spending as much money.

Don’t make sure that backup is made about everything

For so many people making back up seems just a waste of time. Until, your a computer crash or you’re losing all your data. Then, you will realize the importance of making backup.

It is so …